We are not a Sustainable Brand

We are not a Sustainable Brand

Is fashion sustainable? The short answer; no. 
A longer answer can argue that clothing, which makes up one part of mans basic needs; cloth, food and shelter, is indeed an essential requirement of our existence. Whilst the making of clothing can cause irreversible amounts of damage to our planet and exploit those who make it whilst doing so (as well as the fact that there are already enough garments on our planet to clothe every human for at least another decade without making a single new item); it does ensure crucial employment across the globe.
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From farming (linen, cotton etc) to manufacturing (textiles, garments, trims, packaging and so on), all industries considered are estimated to contribute to over a billion jobs and a further source of income and support to up to 2.5 billion humans. The removal of the industry altogether would plunge many of these billions well below the poverty line which is certainly not a sustainable solution either.
In acknowledging all of this, where does that leave us? We believe that fashion can still be a force for good and a vehicle for change and our mission is to embody that force and drive that vehicle as best we can! We also believe that self love and self care are integral parts of allowing us to shine our brightest light (also very important for the future of our planet) so we believe that wearing beautiful, well made and considered clothing is important too.
So, whilst we recognise the contradiction between consumption and sustainability and that there is always more we can do to be better, we are committed to being transparent and authentic about all details of our supply chain. We remain focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves so that we can minimise our negative environmental and social impact as much as possible.


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We also believe in sharing information and encouraging awareness. We want to inspire consumers and other businesses to make more informed choices around every aspect of their existence and for us all to try our best to contribute to a better future for our Earth and the inhabitants of it. And it's certainly not all doom and gloom, we are truly feeling the effects of this change already happening! And it's not just the clothes that you wear, it's the food you eat, the products you put on your skin, the way in which you dispose of your waste, the chemicals you allow to enter your home.
The journey has begun, despite it being a long road ahead, we feel inspired and optimistic that we can change the ugly course that we were on and shift into a more positive and sustainable future.
Check out our Sustainability Guide featuring 5 easy steps and brand recommendations we urge you to consider so that you can expand yourself in this journey.


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