Belt | Unisex

Belt | Unisex

R 680.00

A traditional Kenyan beaded belt design which we have chosen to feature in our Asha Eleven Inspired Collection in support of the artisans who 100% hand make these ornate pieces of craftsmanship.

The belts are intricately beaded onto leather in various designs and colour glass beads. The back is finished with a leather backing giving it a clean and sturdy finish. The brass cast buckles are made from recycled brass waste (old padlocks etc).

Made slowly, with quality at the forefront, the leather wears beautifully with age whilst they are made to last a life time.

Note that the sizes are specific to the colour/pattern. Please browse the various colour and pattern options and select the number from the bottom right corner from the drop down.

Available in sizes;

32" (range from first buckle hole 29" to last buckle hole 35")

34" (range from first buckle hole 31" to last buckle hole 37")

36" (range from first buckle hole 33" to last buckle hole 39")

*to find out what size you are, simply measure your waist and see which range you fit in