Straw Hat | Adults

Straw Hat | Adults

R 490.00

Made by elderly men in a small fishing village community in Kenya which celebrates the ancient tradition of 'suka', the art of weaving of dried palm leaves.

These handcrafted extra wide brimmed hats offer ideal sun protection; measuring approximately 30cm wide the brim provides ample shade for the face and neck. The brass eyelet detail in the sides feeds through your choice of print or colour fabric cord (upcycled from would-be-waste of course). Use the cord to securely tie the hat to your head under the chin or use it for decorative measures as a bow on the outside. 

Choose your cord colour / print from the drop down menu. Extra ties available here.

AVAILABLE IN 4 SIZES (please use the last featured picture to see how to measure a head for hat size). Select size from the drop down menu;

SMALL 21" - 21 ½"

MEDIUM 22" - 22 ½"

LARGE 23" - 23 ½" 

X LARGE 24" - 24 ½"

*NOTE: Your hat may get squashed and misshapen whilst being delivered to you but being a natural fibre, it very easily goes back into shape if you simply wet the whole hat and then leave it to dry flat in the desired shape. Likewise, if at any time you would like to adjust the shape of your brim, simply wet it and mould it.

This is a handmade product so all sizes and shapes may vary slightly and we invite you to embrace their perfect imperfections.