Made in Kenya | Kikapu Sleeve Sling Bag

Made in Kenya | Kikapu Sleeve Sling Bag

R 1,100.00

This is probably the most versatile of our range of Kikapu bags from Kenya - a sleeve sling bag is great for everyday use as it easily fits a laptop, also great as a beach bag or a shopping bag. 

Hand woven in Kenya by Ali Bakari using dried palm leaves, to 'Suka' meaning to weave is an age old traditional handcraft passed down from elder to elder as a sort of 'retirement hobby' that can still generate a good income.

The leather and brass straps are hand made by Jennifer in Thika, Kenya. She uses discarded leather off cuts which would otherwise be headed to land fill and the brass is made from melted down old padlocks and the like.

The kikapu sleeve measures around 42cm x 42cm and the detachable and inter-changable straps are 120cm long each. With two large eyelets on each side, the straps are designed to be played around with so you can feed them through however you wish and make them longer/shorter etc.