Up-cycled | Floor Mat Everything Is Everyone

Up-cycled | Floor Mat Everything Is Everyone

R 290.00

Asha : Eleven Upcycled - made using our would-be-waste garment offcuts (so they don't land up in land fill). 

Handcrafted by Malawian women who have come to Cape Town to seek a better lives for themselves but who have found the realities of South Africa's high unemployment crisis. It's a steady and much needed income which inspires their creativity whilst they can work in the comfort and ease of their homes.

100% of the profits from the sale of these mats goes directly to the ladies who make them.

Our upcycled mats can be used as a bathroom mat, bedside mat, door mat, it's really great as a camping mat (put at the entrance to your tent and it shakes off dust and dirt really well without becoming too sodden) and a super portable dog bed (like when you pop to your friends for dinner and pooch needs a safe spot to chill too!)

Each mat measures approximately 80cm by 50cm and the base is made using recycled sacks that would also otherwise land up in landfill. It washes ok - it won't look as good as new but it's absolutely fine to pop in the washing machine and once dry, shake it to fluff it up again.

Reduce. Reuse. UPcycle