Up-cycled | Limited Edition Suzani Bunting

Up-cycled | Limited Edition Suzani Bunting

R 790.00

This limited edition run of our prayer flag style bunting in Suzani is made using our would-be-waste garment offcuts (so they don't land up in land fill). 

A 10 metre string of prayer flag style bunting. Assorted Suzani and plain neutral coloured squares, this bunting offers a classic and monochromatic overall tone.

The flags are strung along an off white petersham cotton tape and adorned with tassels and gold bells to add a festive vibe to any space whether it's for an occasion or to stay forever. All colours and assortments vary. *PLEASE NOTE, the image shown does not feature the tassels and bells because the shoot happened before they were sewn on (doh!), they are there, please use your imagination ;) or if you'd like to see pics, please whatsapp us 

The bunting comes packaged in a drawstring pouch so she can be packed to travel with you anywhere you might go.

The bunting is made by Johanna and her daughter Shariefah at their home business in the Cape Flats whilst the tassels and bells are sewn on by a group of Malawian women from their homes in Delft Township.