The Spring 2021 Collection ‘Into The Light’ invokes the passage of discovery to the expanded space which we are moving towards.
Just as the Earth cracked open and cut into reveals the raw and unpolluted riches of soil and minerals, we recognise this space that exists within ourselves. Where the chaos and darkness of the rugged outer surface, the scars of hardships and trauma and time are peeled back, and within; the light that has always existed at the core, shines through.
A concise range of Hemp and Organic Cotton blend as well as Linen and Ramie (made from nettles) blend fabrics which honour both you and Mother Earth. The palette; a range inspired by balance, grounding and illumination.
The considered silhouettes invoke the strength of the divine feminine within; frills, layers, bows and ruffles – material armour to empower our inner beings to step INTO THE LIGHT.
Rogers OJWoook | Photographer
Olivia Kennaway | Art Direction & Styling
Qual Chan | Model
Duki | Make Up Artist
Makena | Photo Assistant
Sue Weisse | Styling Assistant
Wesley Davis | Production Manager
Shot on location in Kenya
Accommodation with special thanks to Kenyaways Diani Beach