The Winter 2020 Capsule Collection invites you to open and embrace the new solar cycle of Winter Solstice. As the sun rays shine into the dark, and nurture newborn life; we celebrate one of the most powerful points of the year as the axis of the Earth pauses, shifts and moves in the opposite direction. ?????


The sun standing still creates a mirror for the energy of the Solstice; to pivot and transform with intention whilst building on this energy as we enter into a new season of our lives.


Invoking introspection, it is the fruitful darkness, stillness and silence out of which our soul’s true purpose and new inspirations can emerge. Let us unify in consciously linking our awareness to nature’s cycles and in doing so embrace our understanding of our own personal growth cycles as they begin to deepen and create space for regeneration and rebirth.


Featuring a range of timeless classics which transcend seasons and trends, The Capsule Collection is designed with functionality, quality and comfort at the forefront. The line intends to furnish your core basics whilst creating the foundation for a sustainable wardrobe. The versatile styles invite you to elaborate with layering for depth and warmth.

The Capsule Collection is here to stay, it will never go on sale and you can expect to see the same classic styles repeated season after season, reinterpreted only by the palette of the cycle. It invites you to consider and consciously approach how you consume fashion; encouraging us all to put sustainability and the preservation of our planet as well as the people on it first.

The range is fabricated from the highest quality natural fibres which include Hemp and Organic Cotton blend as well as pure Tencel™, the most sustainable textile currently available which is made from tree bark.

The collection is manufactured by small factories in Cape Town where the care and needs of the workers are considered and met.

With much love and thanks to :
Follow The Line Studios | Production
Caroline Viitanen | Photographer
Chrisna De Bruyn | Fashion Director
Alet Viljoen | Hair & Make Up
Summer Thompson | Boss Models
Elizabeth Krige + Georgie Cambell | Production Managers
Dear Rae | Jewellery