We think that when you buy something you should wear it and love it for a really really long time.

We believe in quality over quantity.

We are aware that there are way too many clothes on our planet already.

We know that sustainable fashion can often come at a higher price than many of us can afford.


Your opportunity to wear and temporarily give a home to one of our pieces for a fraction of the cost. So if you have a special occasion and you only need to wear it once, here's your chance. Or maybe you want to try it out and see if you'll really fall in love with it after a couple of wears (*see note on buying Rent Shop items below). Or maybe the full price item is simply out of budget and you really want a taste of what sustainable, inspired glory feels like. 

This is a bit of a pilot exercise and based on how it is responded to will depend on how we grow it. This means that we are currently only offering items in The Rent Shop which are our sample size X Small or Small or some cases S/M and One Size. Sorry to not be more inclusive from the get go but remember we're a small brand doing our best!

The Rent Shop is exclusively for premium priced items only and available within South Africa only.



♡ Visit The Rent Shop and select your item of choice. If you see the Sold Out sign it means that the item is currently being rented so check back another time to see when it's available again. If you'd like us to let you know when it will be back, get in touch.

*The rental price includes the cost of rental + cleaning fee R150 + return shipping and handling fee R150. The cost to deliver to you will be added at checkout (R90 standard delivery or R120 overnight express *main centres only, order before 10am). Please note rental items are shipped from and received back to our studio and NOT the Watershed store. Combination purchases will be shipped separately.

♡ Add item to cart, proceed to checkout and enter your details

♡ Pay via one of our 3 payment options; Credit/Debit Card (incl. 3 interest free instalments), Bank Deposit (EFT) or Snapscan

♡ As soon as we receive your order and/or payment your order will be processed.

♡ Shipping/delivery : please allow 1-4 days for delivery. If you are in Cape Town and order in the morning delivery is usually the same day. If you are in a main centre the delivery will be within 48hrs. If you are in an outlying area it may take up to 96hrs. Please bare in mind the delivery windows when ordering especially if it's for an event on a weekend and give yourself enough time to get it to you. Please get in touch if you have any queries or special requests.

♡ Your rental window starts from when your item is delivered.

♡ We will email you on the 6th day of your rental to remind you that we will be collecting your parcel the following day as well as send you shipping documents to attach to the secure parcel. We will collect from the address we delivered unless you request an alternative address in advance. *Please keep the shipping bag that your items was sent it and repack it in there very securely. If you don't have a printer, it is not a problem, you just need to write out the details (address and waybill number) on a paper and affix it to the bag too.

If you want to extend your rental period please get in touch at least 2 days before your rental period is up so we can arrange the extension.


"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT" : Accidents happen, we get it. If it's minor damage like a stitch coming undone, loosing a tassel or a removable spill then we'll sort that out no problem. If it's something that means we can't rent the item out again (like a tear or a red wine stain or a burn hole) then we're afraid she'll be yours to keep and you will be billed for the retail cost of the dress less the rental fee already paid as well as the cost of return shipping/handling and cleaning fees (because we won't be returning it or cleaning obvs). If we discover the dress is not rentable again after you've returned it to us, we will get in touch to find a solution. This is a trust space ♡


YOU LOVE IT AND WANT TO MAKE HER YOURS FOREVER : They're loveable and hard to part with, we get it too! If you do fall in love and have decided you will get many more wears from her then, if we have stock available, we will ship you a new item which we will charge at 90% of the retail price (10% discount, yeah!) and we will waiver the cost of your original rental fee and refund that too (excluding return shipping/handling and cleaning of the rental item).


Samples are often slightly un-perfect so that is why we will rather deliver you a perfect and unworn piece as your keeper and we also need to keep The Rent Shop open for our other happy renters. 

Please also know that our rentable pieces are in some cases not nearly as perfect as our sellable items, though 100% wearable nontheless.

All Rent Shop items are professional cleaned with eco detergents after every use so you know you are getting a clean and harm free garment.

If you your rental piece arrives and it isn't right or doesn't fit then let us know the same day so we can arrange a return collection immediately and we will refund you the rental cost and cleaning fee (not the return shipping and handling fee). If we don't hear from you the same delivery day, we can not process the return.

Happy Renting!