The Summer 2020 Collection is inspired by the liberating haze of the arts in Southern Africa in the 1970’s.  Taking us back to an era where music, poetry, dance, art, literature and nature induced freedom and connection. Where it defied political constructs and it broke boundries. It encouraged a rebellion in the form of creativity and the result, something pure, unpretentious and honestly beautiful.


The collection uses what is currently known to be one of the most sustainable textiles available, 100% natural and biodegradable Tencel™ By Lenzing™ which is made using very minimal water and no chemicals, from tree bark. This lucious fibre claims the breathability of linen, the wearability of cotton and the luxurious feel of silk.


The swimwear is made using recycled plastic (rPET), mostly gathered from our polluted oceans.


Our in house custom designed prints are digitally printed with harm free dyes and are certified Oeko-Tex™ Standard 100.


Made in Cape Town by factories who are committed to equality and fairness in the workplace, who pay not just living wages but decent wages, whose interest in the livelihoods of their employees is a priority and who create a comfortable and kind working environment.


























To the masterful light worker Caroline Viitanen for not only achieving the impossible and shooting 77 shots in one day, yes 77, one day - but for doing such a fine job of it and producing something so so beautiful, thank you!


To Follow The Line Studios for reading and executing the vision with such perfection and once again making the production seem so effortless (which I am well aware it is not).


To Jemma (from Ice Model Management) and Kyler (from The Circle Models) thank you for your grace and energy and for still smiling after the 76th change. Thank you for shining both your inner and outer beauty and for creating magic with us.


Stylist, bestie, hustler - hugest thanks to Elizabeth Kriger (from Sixlove Management) for your expert eye, your energy, your emotional and physical strength and for basically standing in for me whilst I was busy growing a human.


Zodidi, wing woman extraordinaire, thank you always, no ways would I manage without you!


Kirsty Van Zyl (from Sixlove Management) you’re always an asset on set, not just for your mad hair & make up skills but also for your rad vibe - dankie!


Pichulik (jewellery) and Espadril (footwear), how grateful I am for such beautiful, locally made accessories which compliment the collection like we had planned it or something.


For the not-so-shabby backdrop, Kearnon your home California is phenominal - thank you!


Cheers to Summer! x Olivia