Food Drive Fund

Food Drive Fund

R 100.00

Tens if not hundreds of thousands of Malawians, Zimbabweans and those from many other African countries living in South Africa are being affected most heavily by this economic unsettling due to Corona.

They have no claims to any form of government support and since most of their work is informal or casual labour, of which they usually survive off the income hand to mouth -  these times have left a vast majority of them with absolutely nothing.

Just imagine for a moment, living in impoverished conditions through these cold winter months, miles and miles away from home, with no food on the table and no idea how or any certainty when your will get any more work or money.

We realise we can't fix the problem nor can we help everyone - but we also realise that every little helps, so we're doing what little we can to support our extended community of Malawians and Zimbabweans.

Sarah, who is from Malawi, has been working with us for about 5 years and when she recently moved to the Delft township just past the Cape Town airport, she was devastated by the situation there and how many people were in such a desperate situation as a result of the Governments economic restrictions.

This is when we realised we had to do what little something we could. Sarah, along with her husband Wonderful have taken this project on board. Each week, with the support of the funds we raise, they are committing their own time towards doing the food shop and distributing it to families most in need.

We are reaching between 18 and 24 families each week, that's up to 100 people. 

We are contributing 10% of all sales made online towards this fund but through this voucher you can directly contribute ZAR 100, ZAR 250, ZAR 500, ZAR 1000 or ZAR 1500.

It's also a great birthday present to buy someone; instead of giving your loved ones more of what they don't need, why not contribute towards food parcels on their behalf (let us know if you do this and we can make a nice gift card for you with details).

This mission is about embracing connection, about understanding that we are all in this together, that we need to support one another. It's about inspiring each other to do better, to be better - to be a conscious and active part of this new world we are shaping. So whether it's this cause or another (there are so many people doing amazing impactful work at this time) or your own (look after your employees friends!), let's keep on giving and remember you're only as strong as the weakest member of your team - and we are, humanity is - all on the same team!