Kiddies Kantha Pants 4 | Small 2 - 3 years

Kiddies Kantha Pants 4 | Small 2 - 3 years

R 540.00

Our mini version of The Kantha Pants. A super easy to slip on elasticated waist which offers ease of fit and comfort for our active little ones. Designed for both boys and girls. Slightly fitted leg which flares out at the hem. The pants are full length and don't have pockets.

This is part of a small batch, limited run; each piece is uniquely one of a kind.



These pants are made from a vintage Bengali Kantha quilt and has been sewn into this garment by women, in their home in Cape Town. Each Kantha is completely unique and so no two garments will ever be the same.

The word Kantha [khan-tha] bears reference to the Bengali meaning for ‘old cloth’ as well as the typical straight running stitch which runs along the layered patches holding the quilt pieces together.

For hundreds of years, women in these impoverished regions have made Kantha quilts out of their worn and torn sari’s. The tradition of gathering and weaving together whilst creating something new and purposeful out of something easily discardable, has been passed down generations of women for centuries.

Originally, far from their presently valued art form, Kantha quilts were constructed for the most basic and practical aspiration; to repurpose waste and keep warm. Over time however, Kantha has developed as a generational artistry; something that symbolically imparts story, aesthetic beauty and well-wishing for loved ones. By tradition, wishes and stories are spoken into the cloth by the mostly illiterate makers as they delicately create them, forging a language and scripture unto themselves from this masterful craft.

Both sides of the Kantha are wearable so expect the inside of your garment to be as beautiful as the outside. And should you wish, simply cut off the inside labels and you can wear it in reverse too.

Given the upcycled nature of the Kantha, we embrace their perfect imperfections; expect to find ornate patches layered over other patches. All part of the charm of this intricate tapestry of heritage, community and sustainability


COMPOSITION: 100% Cotton

CARE : Hand Wash Separately 

Made by Shariefah and her mum Johanna from their home business in Hanover Park, Cape Town.

SIZE GUIDE : Available in Small 2-3years, Medium 3-5 years and Large 5-6years. Note that each unique piece is specific to the size so please check the size in the product name. *Manou is 1yr and 4 months and wearing our size Small (it's a little big!) and Stella has just turned 6yrs and is wearing our size Large. They are both average size for their ages.

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