ASHA or AšA (pronounced a-sha) // means 'life' in Arabic, it also means truth, right working and existence.

ELEVEN // the number, particularly in repetition, is known to represent the opening of an energetic gateway. In numerology it signifies intuition, insight and enlightenment.

Together, Asha : Eleven represents the polarity and the duality between our physical presence and purpose on this Earth, our reason for being here, and ones spiritual awakening journey, reminding us that we are a part of something much greater.


By its very nature, inspiration enters itself into its very own contagious and infinite cycle; to inspire + be inspired.

Asha : Eleven is inspired to design and create; we are inspired to work with amazing factories who care for those who work with them and to collaborate with small social empowerment groups who have incredible skillsets.

We are inspired to reduce the negative impact we may have on our planet.

We are inspired by the stories we create and the stories we share.

We are inspired by you and we hope that we may inspire you too and together we continue the cycle of inspiration.


Asha : Eleven calls Cape Town home. Born in Kenya and raised between the East African Coast and the savannahs of the Great Rift Valley with the kaleidoscope of colours and culture in between, Olivia’s creative nature is influenced by the vibrancy and diversity of her upbringing. She finds great inspiration to this day working hands on with fellow African creatives. Her travels home are inspired by crafting meaningful connections and collaborations with Kenyan artists, talent, craftsmen and women. Weaving their skillsets into the Asha : Eleven story and the inspiring process therein remains core to the brand essence.

Olivia studied Fashion Design in Cape Town and her love of surface art married with her newly acquired fashion design skills would lead her on a path towards textiles inspired by print and colour. Olivia hand draws, paints and renders all of the unique prints which Asha : Eleven is synonymous for today.


The brand was founded with a commitment towards social empowerment and sustainability; the belief that the future of the fashion industry is one where sustainability is status quo. Where we no longer need to talk about it, educate, drive for change – it simply is. Because truthfully, our planet, it’s resources and the people on it, can not survive otherwise.

The Asha Eleven design ethos embodies the notion of inspired and beautiful creations which make you feel inspired and beautiful. We believe in timeless, trans-seasonal fashion of a high quality and which is made to last. We believe that less is more and that with quality and classic basics along with outstanding forever pieces you can transform and recreate your wardrobe whilst reducing over-consumption and wastefulness.